People’s Museum of Craft and Technologies

People’s Museum of Craft and Technology showcases the creative industry of emancipated Jamaicans, as they fashioned a new life for themselves in villages across Jamaica despite unbearable odds. Originally created in 1961 as the Folk Museum on the grounds of the Old King’s House, the museum was renamed the People’s Museum of Craft and Technology in 1979.

Port Royal Museum

The new Port Royal Museum will be located at the Old Coal Wharf in Port Royal. This museum will trace the history of Port Royal, from the Spanish presence, the heady days of the Buccaneers as the richest and wickedest city on earth, to its destruction by the earthquake of 1692 and life thereafter. This museum will also feature a wide array of artefacts recovered from the sunken city of Port Royal. National

National Museum West collaborates with the Montego Bay Cultural Centre…

National Museum Jamaica, West was established on National Heroes Day, October 21, 2014, and is located in the Montego Bay Cultural Centre on historic Sam Sharpe Square.

National Museum also assists with the establishment of museum galleries across the Island…