The National Collection comprises over 21,000 artefacts dating from the pre-Columbian era of Jamaica’s history up to modern times. Each artefact we collect, store and care for is an invaluable part of the story of the Jamaican people.

The Taino Collection

The oldest artefacts in our collection that reflect the socio-economic and political characteristics of the Taino – Jamaica’s first people.

The African Collection

One of the largest collection of artefacts of African origin in the Americas. This ethnographic collection reflects the social, economic and political life of West and East African societies.

The Port Royal Collection

A collection primarily recovered from underwater archaeological excavations, represents the fascinating history of Port Royal before and after the devastating earthquake in 1692.

National Museum Jamaica’s Online database is a growing repository of artefacts that span over 2000 years of Jamaica’s material culture heritage. Anyone can explore the database by keywords search and by browsing the object, library, photos and archive catalogues.

What’s New in Our Collection!

New addition to the National Collection is this Vintage Champion Electric Sewing Machine donated to us by Mr. Owen Davis. This sewing machine belonged to his grandmother and still works.