The National Museum Jamaica disseminates information to the public by mounting temporary exhibitions from the National Collections  which houses over 17,000 artefacts.  Some of our exhibitions include:


“War…Lest We Forget”curated by the National Museum Jamaica staff runs concurrently withFrom War to Windrush” and is dedicated to the memory of Jamaica’s unsung heroes, those who gave their lives in the wars and others who came back to make contributions to the rebuilding of a modern Jamaica.

Jamaica 50:Constructing a Nation showcase  artifacts that show the birth of Jamaica’s independence since 1962.  Jamaica 50 also commemorates Jamaica as being a sovereign nation from colonial rule as well as exploring the struggle to construct a truly independent nation.

The Rastafari exhibition was launched in July 2013. It explores, celebrate and document one of the world’s most significant social and religious movements. It’s built on elements of Discovering Rastafari an exhibition launched in 2007 by the Smithsonian Institution, while our exhibition Rastafari, notably details the Mansions and Livity of the culture.

National Museum Jamaica, in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica, officially opened a temporary exhibition titled “The spirit of Budō: The History of Japan’s Martial Arts.” This exhibition seeks the understanding of viewers about the brief history of Japanese martial-arts-from battlefield combat techniques (bujutsu: bu-jut-su) to poplar sports or physical exercise tempering the body and spirit (budō: bu-do).

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Museum Exhibitions