Author: Roael Cooke


African Africans came to Jamaica during the Spanish Conquest, and in a loosely arranged slave system on the island, many lived as herders, roamed the hinterland and were intimate with the surviving Taíno. After the British captured Jamaica, they expanded the slave trade and brought thousands of Africans with their diverse heritages to Jamaica. The…
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Special: Virtual Exhibit

Legacy of a Nation: One People, One Family, One Identity. During the celebration of a Diamond Anniversary, couples or organizations typically reflect on the journey of how they reached such a pivotal milestone. In the context of a country, we should look back on the journey of what makes us Jamaican, a unique and highly…
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Let’s Talk History

The Platinum Jubilee Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II in Jamaica After the death of the British King George VI in 1952, a young Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, with her coronation held on June 2, 1953. Ten years after her ascension, Jamaica a colony of the British Empire was granted political independence on August 6, 1962. Jamaica would…
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About Us

The National Museum Jamaica is the national agent for the collection, preservation and documentation of Jamaica’s material culture and aims to stimulate serious research and reflection on Jamaica’s history and contemporary life. As the repository of Jamaica’s National Collection, the National Museum Jamaica houses over 19, 000 historic, ethnographic and archaeological artefacts that are germane…
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Contact Us

National Museum Jamaica, 10 East Street, Kingston (Headquarters)10 East Street, Kingston, JamaicaTel: (876) 922-0620-6Email: nationalmuseumjamaica@gmail.comWebsite: @NationalMuseumJamaicaInstagram: @national_museum_jamaicaOpening times: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


People’s Museum of Craft and Technology showcases the creative industry of emancipated Jamaicans, as they fashioned a new life for themselves in villages across Jamaica despite unbearable odds. Originally created in 1961 as the Folk Museum on the grounds of the Old King’s House, the museum was renamed the People’s Museum of Craft and Technology…
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The Research Department of is committed to quality object-centered research and original ideas that draw on and respond to the needs of today’s society. Fundamental to this ideal is the development of critical and visually stimulating presentations for museums as well as temporary exhibitions for public viewership and appreciation.


The National Collection comprises over 19,000 artefacts dating from the pre-Columbian era of Jamaica’s history up to modern times. Each artefact we collect, store and care for is an invaluable part of the story of the Jamaican people. The Taino Collection The oldest artefacts in our collection that reflect the socio-economic and political characteristics of…
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