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The National Museum Jamaica is the national agent for the collection, preservation and documentation of Jamaica’s material culture and aims to stimulate serious research and reflection on Jamaica’s history and contemporary life. Contact Us

As the repository of Jamaica’s National Collection, the National Museum Jamaica houses over 17, 000 historic, ethnographic and archaeological artefacts that are germane to Jamaica’s material culture from the prehistoric era to the contemporary. The work of the museum is focused in three areas: Preservation, Research and Communication through education programmes.

Part of our mandate is the establishment and maintenance of museums for the collection, preservation and presentation of artefacts.  In keeping with this mandate, the National Museum Jamaica administers six historical and ethnographic museums across the island; Taino Museum of the First Jamaican, The Peoples’ Museum of Craft and Technology, Museum of St. James, Hanover Museum, Fort Charles Museum and the Military Museum, all of which examine various aspects of Jamaica’s history.

The National Museum Jamaica is committed to mounting at least two major temporary exhibitions annually. The exhibitions are accompanied by public programmes. In addition, the National Museum Jamaica offers public programmes geared to primary, secondary, tertiary, adult and community participants based on issues in Jamaica’s history and contemporary condition.

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