“Guided Touch Tours ”     –     National Museum Jamaica’s new Educational Programme

Touch tours are intended to engage varied museum audience including the blind, visual impaired, people with developmental or cognitive disabilities who will benefit from learning and exploring artworks and/or artefacts through touching.  The aim is to make the collection more accessible and to allow them to feel a sense of cultural inclusion. Touching the objects will also stimulate their imagination and enhance their metaphorical thinking. They will be asked questions regarding the objects, to compare textures of each object just to encourage dialogue and responses from the audience.

Touch tours will also be available for other individuals who are not necessarily disabled. Tours will be guided by a professional tour guide with no more than (6 – 10) people to accommodate proper monitoring of the objects during the tour. National Museum Jamaica has Aufblasbare Spielzeuge partnered with the Salvation Army School For the Blind as well as other similar organisations .



Students from the Salvation Army School for the Blind at the launch of Touch Tours,  September 2016.

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