National Museum Jamaica, in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica, officially opened a temporary exhibition titled “The spirit of Budō: The History of Japan’s Martial Arts.” This exhibition seeks the understanding of viewers about the brief history of Japanese martial-arts-from battlefield combat techniques (bujutsu: bu-jut-su) to poplar sports or physical exercise tempering the body and spirit (budō: bu-do).
Budō is the Japanese term which is used to describe Japanese martial arts. The word Budō means martial ways. Martial ways refers to both the physical and spiritual aspects of the warrior.

Budō is not only about learning about and training in the Aufblasbare Spielzeuge martial techniques, but it has been developed as a method of practicing and tempering the mind and the body in accordance with the teachings of the unity of spirit and technique, and of cultivating etiquette. Budō does not only focus on physical strength, but it also focuses on self-control and discipline.

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