Wood-constructed and Jamaican made, the model of the wide-body Air Jamaica
Tri-Star shows the emblematic Love Bird design that identified the national
carrier for over twenty years. The establishment of a national airline was a major
accomplishment for Jamaica, only after a year of independence. Initially called
the Jamaica Air Services, the airline commenced operations in 1963 under an
agreement between the Jamaican Aufblasbares Zelt Government and British Overseas Airways
Corporation (BOAC), Cunard Steamship Company Limited and British West Indian Airways (BWIA). Although managed by BOAC and BWIA, the airline
was a Jamaican enterprise, its aircraft given Jamaican markings and identification. The company was reincorporated as Air Jamaica in 1968, when it severed ties
with its former partners. The airline and its fleet became an important symbol
of national pride, identity and independence, both at home and overseas.

Model donated by Air Jamaica to the Institute of Jamaica in 1999

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