The Research Department of the National Museum Jamaica is committed to quality object-centered research and original ideas that draw on and respond to the needs of today’s society. Fundamental to this ideal is the development of critical and visually stimulating presentations for museums as well as temporary exhibitions for public viewership and appreciation.

The Curator and the assistant Curators work in conjunction with all departments, as well as the six satellite museums and it is responsible for providing artifact related information. Researchers are required to have knowledge of Jamaican history in order to engage in research, exhibition script writing, publication and the reinterpretation and dissemination of Jamaican history.



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Research AcivitiesResearch Activities
Current Projects
Box Juice Truck/Trailer

These trucks were made and played with in the early 1980s by the children of the Arnette Gardens community…. Continue

Dacosta House 003
DaCosta House (June 21st, 2015)

DaCosta House Research Paper (Kingston on t he Edge, KOTE 2015) By Charlotte Maus, Assistant Curator National Museum Jamaica Continue


Current Exhibitions on display… Continue

Research Archive
Tortoise Shell Industry

The Tortoise Shell  highlights Jamaica’s Turtle Shell Industry that thrived between 1671 and 1692, primarily in Port Royal. The exhibit demonstrates the high level of artistry and sophistication that existed in Seventeenth Century Jamaica. This exhibit was prepared by Sasha-Kay … Continue

The Gold Weights of the Akan ethnic groups of Ghana

The Gold Weights of the Akan ethnic groups of Ghana MRAMMUO Gold Weights of the Akan Before coinage and bills, gold dust was a principal currency among the Akan ethnic groups of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The use … Continue


Past Research conducted by the Research Unit… Continue

Fun Facts
paul bogle2
This year we celebrate 150 years of the Morant Bay Rebellion Read this interesting fact about the statue of Paul Bogle Statue

The Statue of Paul Bogle The statue of Paul Bogle was erected in front of the historic Morant Bay Courthouse as part of the Centenary ceremonies honouring the Morant Bay Rebellion in 1965. The statue was created by Mrs. Edna … Continue


What is the National Museum Jamaica? Continue