Museum Locations

The Museum of History and Ethnography  is a division of the Institute of Jamaica and is located at 10 East Street, Kingston, Jamaica W.I.

The Division operates five museums along with the galleries at 10 East Street, these include:-

Port Royal (Fort Charles Museum,

Lucea (Hanover Museum),

Spanish Town (People’s Museum of Craft and Technology),

Montego Bay (Museum of St James),

Taíno Museum of the First Jamaicans (Currently closed. A Taino artefacts display is available at 10 East Street)

Advisory role in the development of Jamaica Military Museum, Up-Park-Camp

and the Education Museum, at the Mico University College.


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National Museum West

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People’s Museum of Craft and Technology

People’s Museum of Craft and Technology showcases the creative industry of emancipated Jamaicans… Continue

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Hanover Museum

Located at Hanover Workhouse/jail, Hanover Museum… Continue

Fort Charles Museum

The Fort Charles Museum is located on the original Fort Charles Military Compound at Port Royal… Continue

Institute  Building After clean UP modefied
The National Museum Jamaica

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