Box Juice Truck/Trailer – 2012
Kevin Clarke, Arnett Gardens, Kingston


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These trucks were made and played with in the early 1980’s by the children of the Arnett Gardens community. They would travel to the Sonic Sounds recording studio on Retirement Road to collect cut vinyl discards, i.e. the middle section of the vinyl record. These were used for the wheels. We would walk the community and rummage through rubble and peoples’  garbage to find as many empty box juice containers and used straws or collecting them while on the street.

“We couldn’t afford new store-bought toys and these types of Aufblasbare Spielzeuge trucks were of the kind we could afford and it was really fun devising all kind of additions, such as trailer extensions and two story trucks. Competing and playing with them gave us a sense of accomplishment and pride. It could take as little as 10 to 15 minutes to make a truck or trailer. We raced to make them and then had sprint challenges against each other, some trucks were viewed as trailers due the length and the number of wheels that were used”.

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National Museum Jamaica
Historic and Ethnographic Collection
Maker’s Name: Kevin Clarke
Occupation: Teacher, Electrical Technology
Address: Collie Smith Drive, Kingston 12

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