Rastafari is a faith-based liberation movement that developed in Jamaica in the 1930’s. Today, there are few parts of world that it is has not influenced.In the face of generations of enslavement and marginalization, large numbers of displaced Africans acknowledge Africa and Ethiopia as their spiritual and actual home. For them Ethiopia is regarded as the cradle of humanity and the seat of enlightened civilization to which they must return.

Fragments of African traditions and knowledge, retained through generations, led to the reinterpretation of European representations of the Bible. For many Africans the scriptures proclaimed the Davidic and messianic line as coming out of Ethiopia. Ras Tafari, on his coronation in November 2, 1930, attained the title Emperor Haile Sellassie I (‘Might and Power of the Holy Trinity’). He was proclaimed ‘light of the world’ and ‘elect of God’ and his words and deeds are seen by the Rastafari as the expression of humanity’s liberation.

The National Museum Jamaica and the Rastafari Millennium Council, invite you to explore this exhibition on the Black Liberation Movement called Rastafari.

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