The Institute of Jamaica through its Division; Museums of History and Ethnography hosted its Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (Csec) on April 25, 2013 between 10:30 a.m. -12: 30 p.m. in the Institute of Jamaica’s Lecture Hall.

This programme was highly interactive and informative, and it gave students critical knowledge of the subject areas as well as a chance to boost their preparations for examinations outside of a class room setting. Themes that were covered during the lecture included Aufblasbare Sportmodule the West Indies Federation, Caribbean Political Development up to 1985 and Caribbean Society. We also had a lively discussion on Rastafari. We explored the basic principles of the Rastafarian culture as well as equality of men and women within the Rastafarian lifestyle.

Our presenters were Mr Ricardo Valentine, teacher of St Catherine High School who is versed in teaching History and Caribbean Studies at the high school level as well as Ras Witter and Ms Arianne Giraud, members of the Rastafarian community.

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