What is the National Museum Jamaica?

The National Museum Jamaica, is a division of the Institute of Jamaica. It is the national repository responsible for the management of the National Collection of historic, ethnographic and archaeological artifacts germane to Jamaica’s cultural heritage. The museum aims to stimulate serious research and reflection on Jamaica’s history and contemporary life, for the collection, preservation and documentation of Jamaica’s material culture and aims to stimulate serious research and reflection on Jamaica’s history and contemporary life.

How do I book a tour to view an exhibition?

To view an exhibition, contact the Public Relations office at the Institute of Jamaica at 922- 0620-6.

How long do tours take?

Tours may last between 25 – 30 minutes.

Is Parking available and where?

Parking for visitors is available at the Myers Fletcher and Gordon Parking Lot located on East Street. The Institute has reserved five (5) parking spaces monitored by a ticket system which will be given out by the parking attendant.

This ticket is required to be stamped by the receptionist at either the Tower or East Street entrance of the Institute. Stamped tickets are to be handed to parking attendant in order to access the vehicle upon departure. Parking is available for School buses at the Institute of Jamaica 24 Hanover Street parking lot.

How can I access more information about the Museum including its history architecture and exhibits?

Information on the Museum, its history, architecture and exhibits may be accessed through the National Library of Jamaica, the agency responsible for collecting and preserving historical documents, manuscripts, books and images. The National Library is located beside the Institute of Jamaica.

Is the Taino Museum still in operation?

The Taino Museum has been closed for relocation due to constant violence within the surrounding community. The pieces within the Taino Museum have since been transferred to the Institute of Jamaica. A few of the pieces have been temporarily placed on display at the Water Lane Gallery of the Institute of Jamaica.

How many visitors do you get on a monthly basis?

The number of visitors to the Museum, including the out-stations (museums located in other parts of Jamaica falling under the umbrella of the Institute of Jamaica), vary according to the time of year; however, the Museums of History and Ethnography receives approximately one thousand persons per month.

What are your opening hours?

Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 4:45 pm and Fridays- 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

How many Historical or Ethnographic Museums are administered by the division?

The division currently administers four (4) museums which includes: The Peoples Museum of Craft and Technology, Museum of St James, Hanover Museum and the Fort Charles Museum. Exhibitions are also mounted at East Street at the three galleries.

What are the names of your collection?

Included in the collection is an assortment of related artefacts, from earliest historic times to the contemporary era, representing the wider Caribbean, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. The various collections are: Taino Collection, Port Royal Collection, The Ethnographic African Collection, Plantation Slavery and Emancipation Collection and the Miscellaneous collection.

How many exhibitions are mounted annually?

At least two major exhibitions are mounted annually.

What’s the cost to view exhibitions? Is it free?

The costs to view exhibitions are $ 400 for adults, $200 for teachers and tertiary level students and $50 for children in uniform. The cost covers the viewing of all exhibitions on site. Saturday openings are available for FREE admission.

Do you offer public programmes for schools and the community?

The education outreach unit is responsible for education programmes in schools and communities. This involves hosting CSEC lectures, Museum as Memories which focus on the experience of individuals during various major historical events for example, the 1907 Kingston earthquake, World Wars I and II etc. They also host sessions at schools using objects from the National Collection to teach Jamaican history, aligned to the National Schools Curriculum.

How do I request an outreach?

Letters requesting an outreach and the details should be sent to Dr. Johnathan Greenland, the Director of the National Museum Jamaica.


How can I become a volunteer? Or are there any volunteer programs available?

We welcome volunteers/ interns especially persons with technical expertise that can be of assistance. Through the Friends of the Museums we have a DOCENT PROGRAMME, through which you can apply to render your services. Please note that this is an unpaid programme.

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