Past Research Conducted by the Research Unit:

▪ Religion in Jamaica

▪ 20th Century Jamaican Furniture

▪ The History of Jamaica’s Military

▪ Spanish Presence in Jamaica

▪ History of Columbus Park and Discovery Bay

Research Symposium

The Institute of Jamaica’s Research and Curators Committee has been hosting a   Research Symposium for the past two years. Over the years the Research Unit has conducted a series of presentations and has devised posters in an attempt to update the public on research work that is being undertaken. The posters usually include the research title, abstract and objectives.

Titles for Posters and Presentation were:

Poster: The Rise and Development of Heritage Education in Jamaica through Public Museums: A Critique of a Cultural Space.

Poster: Perceptions of Blackness: West India Regiment Soldiers Empowered without Power 1832-1865. (2009)

Poster: Heritage Sold: Implications for a Nation’s Cultural Reserves.

Poster: Contemporary Representation of Slavery in Jamaica: How Slavery is Materialized, Debated and Forgotten.  (2010)

Presentation: Through the Institute of Jamaica’s Eyes.

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