Current Exhibitions

Rastafari: For the first time, based on broad institutional and community participation, Rastafari brings together information on the spectacular rise of HIM Emperor Highly Sellassie I and the community of believers of the world’s newest spiritual movement.

Through images, objects, video recordings, context simulations and texts, the exhibition introduces the public to the struggles of Rastafari and simple message of peace, power and endurance through ‘livity’ that Africa (Rastafari) offers to the world.

The Taíno Exhibition, East Street Gallery, offers Jamaica’s school students and the public at large a sampling of archaeological objects made and used by the island’s long-departed indigenous population. The exhibition includes well illustrated texts that highlight the rise and fall of the Taino and their legacy to Jamaica and the world today.

Interpreted through original objects, replicas and illustrations, the accompanying narratives contextualize and guide viewers to better understand the Taíno past, their family structure and belief system, life-style and life-skill accomplishments and New World economy. Under the supervision of exhibition educators, adults and children alike learn to recognize and recon with our region’s tragic history and the loss to human knowledge that the demise of Taino culture represents.

 National Museum West

Montego Bay, To the World! As part of the processes of renovating the Montego Bay space, the research department compiled and provided information for text panels and captions that were used in the exhibition and also assisted in the physical mounting of the exhibition. The department also provided and organized audio-visual materials on Tourism, Sunsplash, Sumfest, Jazz and Blues and Slavery. There is also an interactive aspect to the exhibition where individuals have the liberty of sitting in a booth and relaying their view and historic memory of Montego Bay.



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